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trolleyville If you have an interest in prototype or modeling conventional or modern low floor streetcars, subway-elevated trains, light rail and/or interurbans, Trolleyville may be the place for you. This town was created for you to get information specifically geared to the traction modeler. Are you looking for some modeling tips? Try going to the schoolhouse. Just click on the schoolhouse. Need to find out about traction publications, click on the library. Find out the latest in the Trolleyville Times by clicking on the newspaper. The Times is published monthly with articles of interest to the prototype and model traction enthusiast. All information on this site is intended to assist traction modelers, historians and electric railway enthusiasts and must not be used for commercial purposes without the expressed written permission of Trolleyville!

trolleyville Whether you are a modeler, working at a railway museum or just a transit rider on some of the modern systems, there's something for you in Trolleyville. Step into the library - Trolleyville's historical society and traction modelers have been filling the shelves with books, magazines and other traction related periodicals. and more.
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